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"Eat cornbread to come quick" (5X)

I keep hearin footsteps in the dark
And Killa, Killa, Killa, Killa in the S-sharp
Christbearer the mind arch, a West Coast hip-hop shark
You muthafuckin mark, I coerce and nurse the universe
Emmerse the megahertz to a mega from the burst
I rule the world like my name is Love
Then knock your ass out, Iron Fist Velvet Glove
And with the ill guidin game, a Thunderbird to the Night Train
I go Kurt Cobain, I contemplate the game sippin Vodka fame
In a chain, a hurricane on Memory Lane
I'm makin money now, bitch, bling bling
It's Shallah Amin gettin rich with Rakeem
I rock the khakis with the crease, and smoke the hashish
With Maurice, that's shield in the lease
Christbearer be a true artiste
On my momma, my three nephews and my niece

Control avenues, black and white venues
Diamond cut jewels, found dead in the news
Never choose left cuz the right will remind you
Fuckin with a man that been hurt all his life
Seen Rainy Dayz and rainy nights
Catch you over bee, holdin the pirate knife
Y'all niggas done lost your mind, and your time too
Unique rhymes that shine on the divine youth
It's time for us to put it all on the line
Comin from the dynamic vine, intense like sex off Ecst'
I wonder what the Devil come up with next
We got ice, sherm, coke, weed and meth
Killin people to they very last breath
Lethal attack, straight live on the set, swift jive on the set
So dip your black m-ouths and get wet
And turn up the volume a little bit

Yo it's on when I touch the mic, had the crime hype
Beat that ass like Mike, I'm not nice
Snatch your wife on your weddin night
Spoil your fun, been packin the dust since day one
Me & my niggas stomp you out, goin yo pocket
Yo we steal your funds while you layin there
Stiffen up, to jump in your hoop' and count your ones
Cuz it's kill or be killed, that's on the real
You get yor cap pealed for tippin the scale
Talk shit and catch a face lift from the fo fifth
Oh, Crip niggas flip when Knights step in the door
Ready to snatch your ho
You might catch Knight in the hood, banged out in khakis and All-Stars
With my little homies on the handle bars bangin North Star

[Doc Doom]
North Star, North Star, North Star
Killa Bee Gang, Wu-Tang Nigga, yeah
We stay true to this, North Star shines luminous
Black Knights, anything else is Simply Ludicrous
Anything else is Simply Ludicrous, anything else is
Simply Ludicrous
We stay true to this, North Star shines luminous
Wu-Tang, anything else is Simply Ludicrous
Anything else is Simply Ludicrous, anything else is
Simply Ludicrous
Anything else is Simply Ludicrous

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