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[Hook: Nasty Boi]

[Verse 1: Nasty Boi]

[Hook: Nasty Boi]

[Verse 2: Prez]

You know that the Orange Sunkist I just burned
Is worth twice the paycheck that you earn
But I can't explain that the fact of the matter is
She finally found out how fatter my pockets is
The rapper Prez really is, the recipe for success
The plan, the plot, the proof, that I tried the best
I need more bags of coins than Uncle Scrooge
I say I come from a big family, my uncle's huge
If I see you and I'm strapped, I'm probably pumpin' on you
Like Amar'e Stoudemire, I'm dunkin' on you
That's what I am, that's what I'm gonna be
You ask me, what I am? Who I, can only be
I can only see, successful, is what I'm gonna be
When money is piled higher than bricks in a chimney
And tell dudes in red coats outside, "Open the door"
And tell girls in red skirts inside, "Lay on the floor"

[Hook: Prez]
I've been dealin' wit your patience for too long
So many haters tryna take me out
I'm so caked
Can change the ways, 'cuz I'm too strong
Funny how they hate me now
Ya'll players better act right
You act like you don't know
Face it dawg, I'mma rock
Just don't show
This is my life (life)

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