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Stuck in the rain (with no umbrella)
Stuck in the rain
Stuck in the rain (with no umbrella)
(My nigga) Stuck in the rain
Stuck in the rain (with no umbrella)
Stuck in the rain
Stuck in the rain (with no umbrella)
(My nigga) Stuck in the rain

Bobby Nellz:
Consoler of your soul, but to you I'm just a shoulder
I'm sick of being the Gayle to your Oprah

He slip up, red rover you call me over
Just to play my part and listen to you like I never told ya
When I show up, he got you tore up
Drunk as I don't know what
Talkin' bout you gotta throw up (ew)
I'll hold your weave back, girl believe that
But you ain't fi'n to do nothing, you're talking crazy
Where your keys at?
Matter fact, where he at?
Cuz I'm the one that has to deal with how you react -
To, every single thing that he do to you
Acting like it's new to you
You take it back and look at me like
"Nigga who're you?"
I'm just a sucker that's scared to tell you he loves you
Like an addict under cover
But how could I recover from watching you loving others?
And holding you while you suffer
Puts my heart under the weather
With no umbrella


Late - night text, 3 AM
Home boy trippin' come be my friend
Everywhere she is, he pick up the pieces
Flowers in his hand and a box of Reese's
And the whole 'Scrubs' series, that's what she watch
Sittin' on the couch and he listen and she talk
Then the clouds in her tear ducts leak
And inside - he fighting with that jealousy
How could she love some nigga so carelessly
And then say she needs someone that's there for me

See he stuck in this tear duct rain
Hopin' for the sun in her smile in vain
And he smile too but he writhes in pain
Cuz he only as fast as the friend zone lane
And she gone never know, cuz he could never say
Life with no umbrella just another wet day


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