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Produced By: Young Chop

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[Intro: Popcaan]
Dis type ah shit happen everyday
All dem a gwaan dem heart softer than clay
None ah dem have the guts to rise it and spray
None ah dem have the guts to bust the SK

[Hook: Travis Scott]
I got diamonds on my blocka
Serve it to my flocka
Yeah, that's my flocka
To my flocka
Pray to Lord on my shotta
She be proper

Yeah, that's my flocka

[Verse 1]
All praise to the most high on both sides
I pray to God, I pray for hard, I won't lie
Multi cause I'm dope-tied, convo and a boat ride
Rent-a-cars for the whole month, drop Porsche money, no co-sign
Yuugh, my records ain't got to sell, nigga
Woo, go diamond off of my cell, nigga
Give a fuck what you sells, that chance come, I take mine
I ball hard, you bench ride, so fuck you and yo' baseline
No Soundscan for a bricklayer, square nigga, you a brick hater
We see a bitch, you fall in love, I fall back cause my bitch date her
Where I'm from, we go crazy with them choppas
Sellin' dope, goin' diamond on my blocka


[Verse 2]
Welcome to my blocka, take a look at my world
Diamond on my blocka, all we got is white girl
All we got is choppas, all you hear is choppas
All we see is choppas, that spotlight on my blocka

Dopeboy to the rescue, bad bitches get the best view
Lotta money just floatin' round, all them hoes feelin' special
Woo, I know the rent due, fuck me right and it's sent through

Third time you done used the line, God damn, she a pimp, too
Teamwork make the dream work, all my niggas done seen work
All my niggas ain't make it through, so much death that my dreams hurt
Where I'm from, we go crazy with them choppas
Sellin' dope, goin' diamond on my blocka


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