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Malice found religion, Tony found prison
I’m just tryna find my way out this fucking kitchen

A birds eye view got me channelling my vision
Turn one to two now the kilo’s got a sibling
Father knows best, wash my hands all's forgiven
We kicking up dust like the colosseum floors
Walls full of safes like they mausoleum doors
Pussy getting wet as she walking through my morgue
Grants, Jacksons, no room for George
Yeh, the fear of God’s in you muthafuckas
This art imitate my life

Your World Star Hip Hop fame based off imitation white
Eliminate the fool's gold and imitation ice

My music for your soul, inspiration for your life
Every dime I made in this life wasn't disastrous
Help my young bitch see my way through the Bachelors
Sent my old bitch right back to get her Masters

Same graduation I was clapping in the rafters
The truth hurts everytime it’s revealed
What goes around comes around, this is life's ferris wheel
Grab hold and reverse the steering wheel
As I parrallel park, Kentucky Derby on the grill
The fact that I’m free lets me know God is great
Ten year marathon of me selling concentrate

These rappers talk crowns but I’d rather talk fear
Villain like Candyman, say my name and I’ll appear
No weapon formed against me shall prosper
Hakuna matata, feet up sipping java
Strolling up the totem poll, what’s my only problem?
Scrolling through my Rolodex, who shall bear my toddler

So many hands raised as the band plays
I’m here now, watch how many nigga's plans change
First class flights, Ciroc soaked nights
Waking up to models, what a motherfuckin life

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