Pusha T – Touch It Lyrics

Produced By: Kanye West

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[Hook: Kanye West]
I'ma need you to touch it, touch it, touch it
Or just kiss it, kiss it, shit do something, do something
Can you just touch it, touch it, touch it
Or just kiss it, kiss it, shit do something, do something

[Verse 1: Pusha T]
Please, pretty please
I just wanna see you down on your pretty knees

Or maybe you could touch it, see where it leads
Go 'head, just beat it like you was Billy Jean
You grown and you sexy, you following the fiend
That coconut Ciroc, see that's all we really need
You in college now, so you too old to tease
I hoping you can polish like Pledge what I need
And I ain't being selfish, we can't call it greed
Cause I return the favour like playing to the screen
I'm moving too fast, cause just when I believe
You came to shut it down like Drake and the Dream


[Verse 2]
Yeah, she claiming that she didn't know
How to kiss it like she standing under miseltoe

My love game got you feeling so official though
I let you referee, just let your whistle blow
I'm never out of bounds, I'm on a higher ground
I'm never empty handed, coming from out of town
The Commes Des Garcons, the Christian Louboutin
The J Brand jeans look like you drew 'em on
I don't deny it, baby I just buy it
Once I get the mood right, maybe you should try it

Alas, I'm past on my past
I ran like the flash and I saved the best for last


[Verse 3]
See we can take it slow, or we can take it there
I'm thinking lap dance and you should take a chair
We both give a little, we just play it fair
You see this back and forth, for me it's kinda rare
Put out cards on the table, let's play truth or dare
Let your hair down, I don’t have you pegged as a square
Just let loose as you ride in that ruthless
You my new girl, you allowed to give me goose neck
We don't give a damn, who's watching
Me slowing down, not an option
And the buck hair's waving in the wind
You are such a champ how you take it on the chin


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