Pusha T – Trust You Lyrics

Produced By: Arthur McArthur & S.K.

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Ay unno me get every bloodclot ting
So tell me
What would I wan wit unno skettle bald people mon

[Hook: Kevin Gates]
These women ain't shit but hoes with tricks
Baby girl, you different
When you're not around, it feels like something's missing

And I know you keep it real
Never tell no lie
Know you heard what they say
True love is hard to find

I just might trust you with my drugs
Trust you with my money
Just might trust you with my drugs
Might trust you with my money
Girl, I'll trust you with my drugs
Might trust you with my money
Might just trust you with my drugs
Might trust you with my money, girl

[Verse 1: Pusha T]
Started out as just a fuck mission
Who'd have thought I would've fucked with ya

Dope boy, they got trust issues
Never imagined being stuck with you

Years later, we in the villa suites
Top back, we on vanilla seats
Reminiscing about my episodes
With them extra hoes,
but you didn't cheat
Cold nights when you couldn't sleep

Celine bags with the giving treat
C-Class helped you see past
All them other hoes, and that they niggas weak

Whoo! I'm good money
Got you talking in dollar signs

It's all good that she the top bitch
But she just wanna know the bottom line

I don't blame her, I don't change her
I just sit back and give her options
Phillip Lim, Derek Lam
Every baller gotta know she's sponsored
Whoo! You earned that
Now where the fuck did you learn that?
We turnt up, we turnt out
We too far gone to ever turn back


[Verse 2: Pusha T]
Locked phones, past tense
Pass codes, we past this

Pass time, Presidential
Rolexes, both sexes

Blue bezel we both flexing
Big diamonds,
we Bowflexing
Pitch dope, touch down
Both sports, I'm Bo Jackson

Your bitch fronting, that's you
My bitch stunting, that's me

I break it down, then break her off
I'm breaking bread, and that's key
We everything that they talk about
Know them haters be watching

Them bitches lurking -- your page locked
And they still know when you shopping

They still know that I'm balling
You still know that I'm all in
Your ex nigga, your next nigga
Gon' hate the fact that I'm spoiling

Whoo! But you earned that
Now where the fuck did you learn that?
We turnt up, we turnt out
We too far gone to ever turn back


[Outro: Kevin Gates]
Please don't mind
I just need some time
These requirements
Just gotta make sure you meet all mine
Standing there staring, with your bow-legged stance
Trust being nothing you could hold in your hand
Hustle in the hood, strong with the bands
Look at you as something more than a ho I could smash
Or being something bad I could bone at the bag
Pole in my pants standing at attention
When you step out of the shower and your ass is wiggling
Glance at the ceiling
Now your glass is empty
Thinking backwards, really
I done grabbed a vixen
That supposed to be a fitter after video
Stacks'll really blow
Dancers get exposed
Missing you when you not around
We text each other when out of town
You remain the same no matter up or down
These other women stay pretending
Money come and they help us spend it
But'll fuck my niggas in the very minute
I was down and out and had to go to prison
Kinda high role play, acki
And again I say I like these hoes

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