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Pull out the red carpet, faggot, rap, I live it, mass digits
Monkey suit, swinging on a dime jean chunky blue
All nines Al Qade it, paid up, play it up
We demonstate death, then kill you in the stadium
Yankee suits on, the boots on, produce juices
Spill rugers on you, play the deuce, them boosters on you
I'm stealing, everything, diggin' whitey righty
With the magnum taught, when you shoot it, nigga, grab 'em
It's the Roc For Life Familia, slash, The Vatican
Pop cabbages, it's nothing, nigga, kidnap ya managers
Fly roller, slang ox holders and cock blowers
The Cuban 2's is coming, ya'll niggas is done in
Ya'll niggas is fronting, my niggas is stumping
Cuz when ya'll wanna get it on, Rae's up and
It's something, those are stunting, can't do me nothing
I'll take ya bitch, baby boy, then you fuck up in

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