Rakim – Stay Awhile Lyrics

Produced By: Clark Kent

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What you wanna say to make me stay awhile
What you wanna say to make me wanna stay

[Verse 1]
Just me and my peeps we gettin buzzed, lookin for clubs
Misses with kisses and hugs, lookin for love

She gotta be nice with hers, even with cookin some grub
Once I'm in I meet her friends, then I'm hookin my thugs

We'll be blowin hundreds, always knowin where the fun is
Roadrunners findin more spots than Columbus

Pocket full of phone numbers from some of the world wonders
I take my time, and find where the right one is
Smooth as jazz but more than a half, ready for math
And on a steady path, like Betty Shabazz
And when I see the wiz I'mma step to my biz
And there she is, let's see if she pass the quiz
It's appropriate we go get soakin wet
Toast, we met, become close associates
The place is ours by now I can embrace your style
So much flavor I can taste your smile, stay awhile

Why don't you, stay a little while
Stay, stay a little while, child
Baby, why don't you, stay a little while
Stay, ayyyayyy, stay a little while, child
Baby, why don't you

[Verse 2]
We on the low mating, infiltrating, negotiating
We both be makin moves and dough, M.O.'s relating
She ain't takin I want it but yo I know she waiting
I throw the bait in, and before you know we dating
I want the format, to the doormat
Contacts, fast callbacks and all that
Your deepest ecstasy see your accessories
Your secret recipes to your bear necessities
She real exotic body feel like Lucile Roberts
Name brand closets, culturized products
Claws like a scorpion caught me in deeper
But juice sweeter, enough to buy a two seater
Every mile I plan to have your mind beguiled
Til it informs me more than you would normally allow
Raised more than an eyebrow with a flagrant style
By now I can taste your smile, stay awhile


[Verse 3]
Sometimes it's hard to fight it and not let her see me get excited
But she know I like it, she know the deal like a psychic
Mind is haunted, because I always find her on it

She know what I want, where I want, when I want it
Blowin up my Motorola, daddy you comin over?
She on the sofa, holdin a remote controller
Candles burnin lower, favorite dish gettin colder
She hot as solar, cause I told her I wanna hold her
But her mission she sittin in one position like Yoga
A TV show is on to top it off she dead sober
Then I open the door up, and kiss her on the shoulder
She say I'm rollin, like Mr. Lover Lover
We had a hard day, ready to parlay
My thirsts they obey everything that God say
Okay let's play awhile and I'll embrace your style
So much flavor I can taste your smile, stay awhile


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