Rapper Big Pooh – Follow My Lead Lyrics

Produced By: The Mighty DR

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"Please, please, please listen! I've got one or two things to say"


"Look, you've got it all wrong!
You don't NEED to follow ME!
You don't NEED to follow ANYBODY!
You've got to think for your selves!
You're ALL individuals!

[Verse One]
Yeah.. I put my pants on one leg at a time
I ain't no super nigga, hah!

Yo, it go arm, leg, leg, arm, head
Niggas gon' keep hating on you 'til you dead
Palm over palm, embalmed in the casket
Screaming out that team shit, you been mislead
Recalling all the bullshit stories you've been fed
So many lies, you can sop a piece of bread
Say they want the truth, runaway poof
Wanna die slow, death hang 'em by a noose
Knock 'em off the roof, heard 'em say I had the +Juice+
Perception is a muh'fucker, dog I need proof
Your stories I truce, livin life on recluse
Follow any man, naw nigga I refuse
My feet big enough to only step in my shoes
The lie and belief means they lyin on the news
Shake 'em so fake shit, I give away jewels
Live by another code, we make our own rules - WE MOVE~!
Most of y'all just preparing to lose
Falling victim to the light, ignoring the clues
I go to sleep, let my dreams be the muse
I wake up from my dreams, amused

"Follow my lead on this jou-rney" - Black Moon
"Just follow my lead"
"Follow my lead on this jou-rney"
"Just follow my lead"
"You never heard another emcee like me"
"Just follow my lead"
"Follow my lead on this jou-rney"
"Just follow my lead"
"You never heard another emcee like me"

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