Rapsody – When I Have You Lyrics

Produced By: 9th Wonder

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[Verse 1]
I caught a story of a graduate at 82 years old
I guess we all dreamers at the end of the day though
Doors I knocked on looking for somewhere to lay low
Mama remind every chance you get, Marlanna get pesos
She helped me bought a house and a brand new four door
Before that all my friends let me sleep on their sofos
Bought me kids meals cause pride wouldn't let me ask for more
And 9th had to tell me we all need help, let it go
Cause pride was eating me and I ain't know how to take from
Use to giving all the time and I ain't feel right getting some
She bought a new car and I wouldn't drive it
I felt guilty cause the old car she had was barely riding
Looked me in the face and said the ones winning got ones beside 'em
Baby girl we got your back, just promise you'll keep trying

Countless times I pray to God thank him, I'm crying for my blessings
Got me in stu daily and rhyming for you

[Hook x2]
I treasure y'all like diamonds
Fake ones I had in my life can't find 'em
They say God got us anyway with time and
So I show 'em all love, one love, one love

[Verse 2]
Y'all dreamers at the end of the day looking a way out
Surrounded by fakers and takers that want a pay out
This ain't dedicated to them that brought the grey out
Only meant for the rent that my mama helped me to pay out
My friends with a couch and a blanket that let me lay out
Showers that let me la

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