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The Sari (W)rap

[Rasika Mathur]
I got ten yards of cloth and a lotta style
Gonna put it on a girl and make her smile

Now just stand still miss I'm gonna make
This cloth around your waist make you look like a sheikh
Uh! Shake and bake like a charmer's snake
Tie it right or you might get a stomachache -- Break!

Once twice three times around the lady
Make a buncha pleats surround you baby, baby
Fold it like a fan from elementary school
And to the girl who doesn't know this I pity the fool!
And now you look like a jewel cuz you wearing a sari
You can wear it like a Hindu or a Gujarati
You take the cloth and you put it on your shoulder
Like Agent Mulder - In Boulder - Colorado!

Breakdown (in Hindi):
Aghe Peeche Ungli Ki Beechme
Uchi Nichi Aise Kheech Ke
Peeli Neeli Kabhi Bhi Dheeli
Ho Gayi Gheeli (aw yeah)

You feel older now
Not a calf but Holy Cow
Feeling funktafied
Sanctified mummified
And now your hips can hide
It's longer on one side
In red and gold cause here comes the bride
And when you get in your ride
It gets caught in the door cause now you're
Doin... The Sari Wrap! The Sari Wrap! The Sari Wrap
The S-s-s-s-s-s-Sari Wrap, y'all! PEACE

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