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{*bleeding over from last song: "jagged like a SkillSaw saw blade.."*}

Our time is nowwwwww ("Oh yeah!")
.. ("Oh yeah!")
We live in Long Beach baby..
Death Valley, Cali baby.. ("Oh yeah!")
Our time is nowwwwww..
Our time is NOWWWWWW ("Oh yeah!")

We live in Long Beach baby
[RBX] Anybody killa? MASS MURDER
Death Valley, Cali baby
[RBX] Anybody killa? MASS MURDER

[Verse One: RBX]
My tactics extract morbid thoughts from the mental
Custom designed for the instrumental
Yes indeed-d-dy, lyrical graffiti
And this one's a burner, baby
Truck like Toyota
Driven, to a livin, drivin, with the gat
Uhh! Pop the clutch and let the cold crush rush
Then I flush wack material
That's if I don't mash the marks to mush
Now hush, let me brush, damn I gush
Cock, d-d-diesel cuts
Lyrical arsenal equivalent to arsenic
Now shut up punks, I want +Silence+ from you +Lambs+
Then I slams you with +Cape Fear+
I dump hardrocks like dump trucks that I deliver
Death right to your doorsteps
Loc' up yoke get broke up like the chronic
Twisted, rolled up, and SMOKED

We live in Long Beach baby
[RBX] Anybody killa? MASS MURDER
Death Valley, Cali baby
[RBX] Anybody killa? MASS MURDER

[Verse Two: RBX]
I fly off in your party like stealth bomber, troop
Eject before the wreck, crash boom bash!
Can you say, US Air, flight 427

Am I a quitter, nigga?
No survivors, not none, not one
Only thing livin is the maggots and the flies
Then I cause casualties, casually, annually
The manual be I flip scripts to A-U-T-O-matic
Think about the words of those who want static
Leave 'em lyin limp in clean free sheets
Long Beach, coroner, cling free sheets
Cling free beats, so why you still clingin?
It's the beats, and this time with the rhyme
I'mma kick the style like Na-di-a, Comăneci
Round off has me do a triple somersault

Fools be comin up short - hazardous!
Bend, I send, havin this

[Hook] - repeat 2X

Our time is nowwwwww..
Our time is nowwwwww.. ("Oh yeah!")

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