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[I can feel your fire]
When you niggas feel cold and your flows ain't got it no more nigga?!
[I can feel your fire]
Yeah nigga. You know what it is nigga, Gilla House nigga
Yo check me out yo yo yo

Red gone wild, more stunts than The Fall Guy
A buncha wild drunk niggas yellin' raw ha!!
While you tryna get your weight up, but we on fire
Gilla House don't die, leave da spot bone dry
I want it all, R and E-D-M-A
N, cock the semi
A little henny in me
It's like ya black hawk down
I blast like a skinny
Roll up ta the jam and party like Little Penny
My watch ain't for showin' time, it's for show and tell
And I got it for sellin' dimes on AOL
I'm off the hook, lookin' young, you gray as hell
You off the hook cause punk you ain't pay your bills
Redman, a truth nigga, put my name on it
Gilla House, die harder than John McClane on it
I'm smokin' sour diesel, gettin' head on my couch
From a chick that resemble Rosie Perez in the mouth
Simon Says swallow it ma, *Knock* don't spit it out
Y'all got fat, I got a plan for y'all slimmin' down
I ain't playin' no games nigga, I'mma take it there
Break it there, Visine your block, till I make it clear, nigga?!

[I can feel your fire]
When you niggas gettin' cold and your flows ain't got it no more you like...
[I can feel your fire]
Brick city on my back, Doc Grizzley on the track, have ya hood sayin'
[I can feel your fire]
East coast, west coast, down south, world wide, everybody like...
[I can feel your fire]
Welcome me back like Carter, welcome back the father
Keep it gutta, your problems, Bitch!!!

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