Redman – No Mo' Soopaman Luva Lyrics

Produced By: Redman

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Yeah I'm thinkin 'bout not bein the Soopaman Luva no mo' mayne

[Friend] + (Redman)
Man, think about givin up (holla at 'em yeah)
Soopaman Luva (Soopaman Luva)
Nigga is you crazy? (I ain't crazy)
You can smoke a pound of weed
Fly through the air all day
Use your X-Ray vision to look through women's skirts
Land in chicks' living rooms any time you want
And you wanna give all that up? (I'ma give it up)
Nigga is you crazy?
Sheeit fool you better come on in
Hold on Soopaman {*sword sound*}
Hold it hold it hold wait a minute wait a minute
Ay y'all ay y'all
I put five dollars on this dice game!
Y'all niggas better quit fuckin with me!

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