Redman – Soopaman Luva 6 1/2 Lyrics

Produced By: Omen

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[Produced by Omen]

...1, 2, 3, YO!

[Redman, (Hurricane G)]

Kicked in the door then I yell, "Don't move!"
C.O's is like, "Yo, who the fuck is this dude?"
I'll give you a little hint, it's the Soopaman Luva
Took the shotgun from him, then I shot that fucker
Threw it to Hurricane, she like (Yeah! Let's do it!)
Snatched up the reporter that was here to interview her
Raised up one of his hands, put a bullet through it
Took off his Franck Muller
So daily news knew the time it took to rescue her
We going out the front door
Hurricane, shotgun, hand letting the pump off
Bitches see it and started wildin' in the mess hall
(Fuck the warden, we gon' get you, muh'fucka!)

Yo, I told you I was coming
(Nigga, I ain't never scared
I ain't giving no state time for shit I ain't did
Gimme some more ammo, the front door's near
We're two barrels smokin')
With a hostage in here
Yo, G, you lock and load?
(Lock and load)
Plan came together like the Eleven and Bellagio
We out the front door
Warden, shotty blow
I mash the gas, to me and G, its "Adios!"

That's how that Soopaman Luva get down
(Yeah, that's how that bitch Hurricane get down)

[Outro: Redman]

Gilla House niggas
Yo, Hurricane G! Glad to have you back, girl!
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Gilla, Gilla, Gilla, Gilla, Gilla)
Gilla House
American, E3
Like I told you, nigga, you already know what it is, nigga
Gilla House

Somebody, get me some weed up in this muthafucka!

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