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Senor Morales
Yeah 3x
Senor Morales

Said you're broke but you bought a car. Thought your family moved to P.R
You wondered why our friendship failed. Well I'm gonna tell you brother chill
Our friendship was lopsided. You always took and I gave. ( I gave)
On top of that your attitude is rude. You always gotta put me down. (Senor Morales)

I just wanna live free, so yall just please let me be
I just wanna live free, so please you all just let me be

You say I'm sensitive. Yet you're sensitive as well. (But you are the same)
And you came back into my life, but I did not search for you. (H.M.)
I am very forgiving (maybe I am) but you frustrate me on purpose
(Why you gotta do that) And I don't need the aggravation
So look its time to move on. (H.M.) move on

I just wanna live free, so please yall just let me be. (Let me be)
I just wanna live free, so please yall just let me be
Let me be

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