RGFrance Translations – Wiz Khalifa - Get Your Shit (French Version 2) Lyrics

Produced By: Edan

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I'm tired of arguing and fighting girl
Every night you keep calling me with the same shit
I'm going insane
I swear I love but this ain't right for us
I never thought it would end this way
Its gonna kill me to say but you gotta

Pack your stuff leave my keys
Get your shit, gotta go
Pack your stuff leave my keys
Get your shit, gotta go
Pack your stuff leave my keys
Get your shit, gotta go
I've told you that I'm moving on
You didn't well, you had to know

[Couplet 1]
To shape you and hold you I admit that was my mission
But everything went wrong there cause you started acting different

The day you ran up on me I was smokin
Chillin, swore you was tryin to roll ain't know what was so appealin'
Fast forward, I'm on the road
You at home calling me back forth
Can't deal with this relationship
But this what you asked for
Ask for them pictures of them b*tches, shit
I probably wouldn't be with them
If your ass wasn't trippin'
Not to mention you're acting like a kid
Is the f*ck shit I gotta deal with
Send a text, leave me a message try not to listen
Bring the rap you was the main player I had to bench you
When I showed your ass how to ball
That Louie I bought it all


[Couplet 2]
Gone on the road that I'm hardly home on the weekend
You be blowing my phone up tryin to see who I'm seeing

But I'm chasing this paper so for this paper I'm reaching
Might f*ck one or two b*tches but don't consider it cheatin

I consider the fact that we'll break up anyway, anyway
Based on all that shit you don't appreciate

Me switching states, working hard, meetin dates
You were thinking everything was sweet piece of cake
Well that all changed, what we had was big
But you're gonna miss the small things
And that little cash I spent that was small change
But above all things I still love you
Just gotta do my own thing


[Couplet 3]
I'll go, I'll never come back
Now when you call.. I never call back
Because I got a new girl, yeah I got a new girl
Everything was all good, .. then went all bad
And no I don't think about the times that we had
Because I got a new girl, yeah I got a new girl

Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Oh (x8)

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