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If you an Over achiever 2x
I can help you succeed2x
She gon make it
Her mind on her money
She stays on your mind
UHH her heals match her outfit
Chill don’t get it twisted she known to study
Knowledge is appealing cuz you have to speak money
So she knows I don’t trick
Only dates them bandits
Noticed I’m with the clan so now she friendly
Do you think I could help you succeed?
I got a rep for making hits
Call it target practice
Kardashian state of mind
On one ‘til it’s nothing left
Now she getting live
Singing like we deaf
Her friends dancing in a line
Egos through the roof no time for insecurities
Baby tired of being confined
I know a girl like you is hard to find
I know you gon be successful so succeed
She an over achiever that’s why she succeeds
If you an Over achiever 2x
I can help you succeed2x

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