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[Intro: Rich Homie Quan]
You know I can't help this shit man, It's in me
But if I could, you know I would, Rich Homie Baby!!

[Hook: Rich Homie Quan, $.J.R]
I can't help it who I am, I can't help it who I know
I can't help the fact these bitches trying to fuck me every show
I can't help cuz I'm getting money and my dream has just begun
I can't help the fact I'd rather put this kush inside my lungs
(I can't help it) I can't help it who I am!
(I swear that I can't help it) can't help it who I am!
(I swear that I can't help it) can't help it who I am!
(I can't help it who I am and I hate the fact I'm famous)

[Verse 1: Rich Homie Quan]
Ok now I'm finally famous told my mama no more stressing
My closet on thanks giving kill em' with the dressing
Even If I add extra, boy you watch your mind frame
I can make her bed rock, Straight head shots
And I ain't talking about no mind games
I know his Ray Bans Fake because they ain't how mine came (Them ain't real nigga!)
I got my nikes tied, Money what I taste
And I'm blazed so Michael Phelps me!
I'm so great can't help it
It's so fucked up I need counseling!!
And who gone vouch for me? O.G.'s and them real niggas!
I know drug dealers who really kill niggas!
My death date coming and I ain't scared to go
Bitches calling my name like everywhere I go!


[Verse 2: $.J.R]
I'm getting money, I'm super paid
No Ray Bans(Naw), These super shades
Gold frames, Fish Bowl
I switch it out, Even your bitch know!
I'm rich homie like Quan, I can't help this shit I'm on
(I can't Help it) I'm Flexing!
(I can't Help it) These Diamonds in my necklace!
I came up, These lame fucks
They mad at me, Cuz I'm famous
I move packs, ain't gotta prove that(naw)
Just ask about me, Bitch I do that!


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