Ricky Hil – Slickville Lyrics

Produced By: Bobby Music

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[Verse 1: Ricky Hil]
Welcome to slickville, yeah
All my tears start are in a wishing well

I gave her cocaine and x pills
But she just wanted heroin and hil
So I gave myself to her

Cold is rushing through my veins, and today I don't feel no pain
I know you don't know my name, but we be going places and we feel the same
But you don't be leaning like I am, and how I stand, rebel man
Down for whatever man, down for whatever man, rebel man

[Hook: Ricky Hil]
If I ain't there, tomorrow, just know that I've lived, with sorrow

[Verse 2: Ricky Hil]
Mary told me that she dying, I said I can't be with you right now but I'm crying
D O P E in her veins, sounds a rain by the window pane
She feels pains I feel pain, ain't it funny
That she hate sniffing cocaine, wrote a letter to her mother
Told her that I love her, never find another and I hate to see her suffer
Now you know that I've never been this close
You know, that I've never had that dose
You know that we could be alone forever, but you don't take advantage of that when we together

Now I put the flower on marys grave and a little small baggy
Coz she loves fine beige, I love that bitch, and she love me too
She in peace looking down on you

[Hook: Ricky Hil]

[Outro: Ricky Hil]
Welcome to slickville, all our skys are gray, just watch the children play

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