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[Hook: Rebecca Jordan]
Why do we make it, so complicated
And question 'til we're sorry
Every day happy belated
Don't worry, don't worry

[Verse 1: Rockie Fresh]
Okay I'm rolling while I'm sipping, I ain't ever tripping
Chi-Town living, bad bitch getting
Trying to prove I'm different, than the ones that ain't shit
They at the plate, they swing late and they can't hit

Me I'm bringing three home, that feel like a grand slam
And I can still probably pull 'em in a Grand Am
Cookies and some apple juice, I feel like that man can
Change gon' come when I cook, like that man Sam

Clearing all that damn scam, making sure my people eat
One time for the birds, one time for the street
I'mma show you love, and that's any time that we should meet
Never on that beef shit, cause that shit be hella weak
First they hating than they speak, no they not about it
People dying over drama, I'm just trying to live without it

Like the homie Future say, it really ain't no way around it
When you on the up and up, there's always people trying to doubt it
First they love it then they hate it man

[Hook: Rebecca Jordan]

[Verse 2: Rockie Fresh]
Okay I'm rolling while I'm sipping, I ain't ever tripping
Chi-Town living, bad bitch getting

Can't trust new niggas, we ain't never flipping
Sticking with the ones that I was with since the beginning
And y'all ain't gotta worry about me
I'll be chilling low-pro while I'm twisting OG
?? yeah my flow below three

If I want it I'mma earn it, I know nothing comes free
Fresh clothes on me, the young homie styling
Caesar with the dressing, but the leathers come Italian
We ain't even tripping, spending thousands on the island

It ain't really nothing look at all that we've been piling
Faith in the situation, ?? know I've been waiting patiently
While I'm falling in love with the places life is taking me
Trying to make sure I can handle every issue
If I'm witchu then I'm witchu, I'm I'm not then it's forget you
I'm just trying to make it simple but

[Hook: Rebecca Jordan]

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