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We are proud to announce full details of the Special Edition and Collector's Edition of Grand Theft Auto V - which will be available for worldwide pre-order starting today from participating retailers

As an additional bonus, those who pre-order any edition of Grand Theft Auto V between now and September 17 will get access to pilot the Atomic Blimp in-game vehicle

The Special Edition includes;
Full retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V
Collectible steel book with exclusive artwork
Blueprint map
Special ability boost
Stunt plane trials
Bonus outfits and tattoos
Additional weapons

The Collector’s Edition includes the above, and;
Grand Theft Auto V security deposit bag with logo key
Grand Theft Auto V New Era Nine Fifty snapback cap
Custom characters for Grand Theft Auto online
Unique vehicles and garage property

The Collector’s Edition and the Special Edition are the perfect way for fans to celebrate the return of GTA, with special digital content and exclusive Grand Theft Auto V physical items

The Collector’s Edition will retail for $149.99, while the Grand Theft Auto V Special Edition will retail for $79.99. All versions are now available for pre-order until September 17, 2013 while supplies last

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