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[Marty James]
No way, never fallin'
No way, never fallin'

Chorus: Marty James
Every time they see us ballin'
They get down on their kness and hate
Waiting for the day we fall off so
They can come and take our place

[Verse 1: Roscoe Umali]
Every time that they see me ballin' (BALLIN')
I'm makin' cheese overseas or on tour
Put the money in the off-shore bank account
In some European bank that you can't pronounce
You see
I don't play around when it come to paper
I run Cali like Schwarzenegger
Hey DJ
Cross the fader
Take my hits, then alternate them
This is dedicated to
All the haters
Anybody that'll ever had an altercation with
Yeah, Roscoe Umali made it
And I know you hate it, but it feels amazin'

Repeat Chorus

Hook: Marty James
No way, never fallin'
No way, never fallin'
No way, never fallin'
No way, never fallin'

[Verse 2: 1st Place]
Somethin' like the Fall Guy
You can't even keep up, boy, why try
Standin' on the beach, no socks
Stomach poked out, that means I got gwhop
Somewhere foreign
Pull up in the whip
Neighborhood star like Money Makin' Mitch
Whole bunch of hundreds
Actin' all fly
Cock back arm, then throw 'em in the sky
All in the decks
Right by your buildin'
My passenger looks like young Vanessa Williams
Tryin' to get a million, tryin' to get a trillion
Tryin' to meet Oprah, tryin' to stop stealin'

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Hook

[Verse 3: Roscoe Umali {Roscoe Umali slowed down}]
Ain't no way you can't knock me off
Roscoe ball hard like Alkasol
That's why the wrist shine bright like Armor All
And the Range, they parked in the parkin' lot
Got the black on black Armanis on
With the yellow, red, blue Umali's on
L.A. to the Bay, out to Collipark
We pop bottles and party like Mardi Gras
Stay gettin' that cheddar, that Parmesan
Stay rollin' with the kush and the (???)
East haters is softer than pony sauce
So I be laughin' to the bank like {HA, HA, HA}

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Hook

Repeat Chorus {distorted}

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