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My groove gets better and better now don't it?
My groove gets better and better now don't it?
My groove gets better and better now don't it?
My groove gets better and better now don't it?

[Verse 1]
I got the skills to deal
All the funky shit, plus the hips that just don't quit
My name is Shante but you can call me Shannie
Makes no diff' word up, word to Mommy
I'm still the queen upon the scene
So fly that I cause your man to fiend
Now hold up, this has gotten outta hand
There's a posse of witches f-ing up the programme
So grab your brooms and prepare for flight
Because I'm back and this time I'm more than hype
I'm causing raucaus ???
Action's what you want they might give it to me
I gotta give to live to my personal
I'm the director, directing the party well
So come along and stpe in my dimension
And bob your head to my funky invention cause


[Verse 2]
The microphone passing, indeed we can do this
And when I'm done, you're gonna be shoeless
Cause I'm not an amateur, I make you get down
So you better have much soul when I'm around
I go off, get loose like a master
Deal with Shante, gimme a glass of milk
I treat MCs just like cookies
Chew 'em up, spit 'em out, to all rookies
Be on the look out in other words look twice
All competition, huh I put on ice
Fickle and feeble opponents I find them
When you in line with me you can't win
I'm just too advanced, a typical hot pose?
I do damage, yes to the utmost
So hold up, step back, you ought to think twice
Just think again cause Shante is too nice
On beats like this god damn I get nifty
You must be nuts, trying to get with me

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