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[Intro] [Royce Talking]
Shout out to my nigga B-Love. Music pro

[Verse One]
Yes, Bic
They call me the Flow Boy
I'm dope
I'm about dough, I'm a Dope Boy
The mag light up like a glow toy
I let it go
I got a couple skeleton's in my past to show for it

No disrespect to Mistah F.A.B
But nigga I ain't never really been out flowed by no boy

Your food look just right
I'mma eat your porridge
Even though I'm full as a motherfucker like no storage

I kid you not
I spit too hot to diss you
Man, I should go out and challenge a blow torch

Respect no boy
Except maybe Bun B

I'm from the place with the area code Shady 1-3
Fuck ?
I'm in some new jeans and Gucci's
Rockin' a District 81 tee
I ain't sayin' I'm a ladies man
All I'm sayin' is
Nigga I don't want every lady that want me
So, do the math nigga
They be like
"Damn, Nickel you be runnin' through hoes/holes like you a shoe string"
I tell you two thangs
Don't ever disrespect me
Call me "God" like you from Wu-Tang
I put a bullet inside you cause the truth ain't
Your record deal advance to me
Is loose change
Nigga, is you sane?
I'm the shit
I don't smoke but I've been known to light up a Square like butane
The fame made me wait
But not the hoes nigga
I don' fucked mo' than Big Daddy Kane in '88
So tell your man to get back
If the dogs with me, they obedient
I lift a finger up from my hand they attackin'
I like my hoes fast
I like my cars fast
Fuck it I should just go out and date Danica Patrick

I manufacture maniac rap if you askin'
Put life back in hip hop and put it back in it's casket
Fuck peace
You should try to dap and bury the hatchet
Then I'mma clap you and find somewhere to bury the ratchet

The flow boy is in the buildin' tonight
You know I
(Flow boy)
(Go boy)
The flow boy is in the buildin' tonight
You know I
(Flow boy)
(Go boy)
Let's go
(Flow boy is in the building)
You know I
(Flow by)
(Go boy)
Let's go
(Flow boy is in the building)
You know I
(Flow boy)
(Go boy)

[Verse Two]
And yeah, ain't nobody true as us
You ain't gotta like me
I like me enough for the two of us

Don't compare me to the best rapper alive
I contemplate suicide to be compared to the best rapper that died
I'm killin' with them Boyz N The Hood like Cuba Gooding
I go to the place in the hood that the shooter shouldn't
We do the casing, you do the bookin'
Like the police
Speaking of them
We the reason they do the lookin'
I'm the label
I do the songs, I do the pushin'

So I'm sittin' on top of the world while you the cushion
I clean pussies up
Yeah, I do the douching
I'm Bill Cosby's teaspoon
And you the pudding

My cousin Eye is crazy
All I gotta do is wave and yeah, it's bye bye baby
I'm higher than Wayne and I rhyme like crazy
I shoot a nigga's ass with the nine like Gravy
I should like Shady
I keep a dime like Haley in a dark brown creme gut Klondike Sadie
It's like my kidney's compensate for what my liver couldn't
I'm a wolf, to kill me you're gonna need a silver bullet
Any one of you niggas fuck with me then it'll heat up
Y'all do nigga's beats
I make niggas give the beat up
Any nigga step up
I'mma make him step back
With either that Tec blaaat blaaat
Or that fifty caliber gold plated Desert Eazy
That's for who ever rebellious
The cartridge to it lookin' like The Legend Of Zelda

Born winner
Rhymin' like there's two horns in him
After I win the battle rap
I'mma blow your motherfuckin' head off
So you can call me a sore winner
I fuck with The Game
The rest of y'all give a fuck about too much shit
Me, I don't give a fuck about nothin'
I don't give a fuck about shit, but the outfit
My name fall out your mouth
I'm at your house quick

You don't want them boys at your crib
About six
Ready to let out a clip
Like "Rap about this"
My crew is like your audience
We clap about shit
We sick
We don't be fightin' nobody
We probably fight each other whenever we drunk
That's about it
Approach the enemy with caution
Born leader
My identity is ?
Awe, ain't he awesome?
I've been known to stick a nigga
No homo
My dick get hard when I feel on the trigger nigga
Murder every verse
My rhyme is like a heavy hearse
Each word is deeper than cemetery dirt
That fully automatic
I pull it and let him work
Do him a favor and spray his head
I ain't gonna let him hurt
You better watch your mouth
Cause I can knock you out
But I'd rather give the Glock somethin' to talk about
I'm in your bushes with the ump, thumpin'
Y'all about to dance with the one night stand
Soon as you +Walk It Out+
Give you the afterlife
You got a smart mouth
You a dick and a pussy like you a hermaphrodite
Assassinate you this evenin'
It's assassin-night
Have you weezin'
You and Eddie Murphy can laugh alike
The Revival
You can call it the Preme project
But it's violent
You should call it the pork and bean project

The flow boy is in the buildin' tonight
You know I
(Flow boy)
(Go boy)
The flow boy is in the buildin' tonight
You know I
(Flow boy)
(Go boy)
Let's go
(Flow boy is in the building)
You know I
(Flow by)
(Go boy)
Let's go
(Flow boy is in the building)
You know I
(Flow boy)
(Go boy)

Now that's how you body a beat
Man, if I got to say, "I'm the shit fool" one more time...
Somebody gonna get urinated on. And then boo boo'd on
And then a nut busted on. Happy Bar Exam 2 bitches

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