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[Intro] [Saigon interview on Ms. Drama TV]

[Ms. Drama]
So did you give OJ th-the lyrics to say in that particular song?

For his song? No, he wrote his own lyrics. But...I'm not...

[Ms. Drama]
Did he give you lyrics to say?

No, but at the same time it's like, and we just havin' fun with it
I'm not gonna, go, try to be super scientifical, lyrical, mira-
I'm not Slaught-I'm not a part of Slaughterhouse

[Ms. Drama]
So do you co-sign Slaughterhouse too?

Oh, well, most of 'em. (haha)
Strictly I even co-sign Joe Budden like (okay)...
He's just a faggot. He's a fuckin' faggot
But...he can rap, knowhatI'msayin'? The rest of like...
Joell's my NIGGA. He not gonna just start something (So how...)
He's not gonna just say, "Damn, I need attention
So let me just pick on somebody for attention."

[Ms. Drama]
And they're very close though

They are close

[Ms. Drama]
But ho-how do you think they all get each other's back?

I don't know. I don't know how they close
I-I couldn't be close with a nigga like that (That's all...)
Yeah, I'm a fan of Joell (Okay)
I'm a fan of Crooked I and I'm a great fan of Royce
And you know...I think they can rap
But I just don't think these motherfuckers can make records youknowwhatI'msayin'?
I don't think there's one song on there that we gonna be singin' two years from now

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