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On you, On you, I got 'em all scared
Cause I really don't care, gotta hair, you know here
And my under-britches twisted stickin' in my derrière
Like when bullies, gave me wedgies, 'til they tore my underwear
Trash can dumped me, school locker stuffed me
Ha-ha, let me out, really not funny
Girls didn't touch me, four-foot something
So why, would you ever, ask a DWARF why he's GRUMPY?!
Grew up fast, brotha still CLUMSY
TRIPPIN' cause I'm FALLIN' for the girls that dont love me
Must be, cause I lack, MAJOR flow
WISH I was BIZZY and not so much LAZY and FLESH N BONE
But rappers is actin' like they get it crackin' like KRAYZIE BONE
(Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone) So my eyebrows low
So REY, tell me why, you so GRUMPY for?

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