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Stick to the SCRIPT, you should give the PROPS to me
I'm a take the LEAD, no matter what the Drama B
ALIEN to ya'll, SCI-FI oddity
I look like Chris Rock but ya'll rappers is some COMEDY
I ain't laughin', funny how ya funny man hide and MASK it
Rappin' with no HEART, you LION rappin'
Press out, crease out, IRON MANnin'
Bring the ACTION, What happened to rapping?
Rappers is actin', Actors is rappin', that ain't ya ROLE, Why is ya actin'?
So get REEL, or just sit STILL
Knockin' out ROBOTS, cause a brotha REAL STEEL
Tommy brotha, real Dill, sick prints (prince), ILL WILL
It ain't no MYSTERY, who on the MIKE, or who the THRILLER be
Bring it to LIFE, Elect and tricity, FRANKEN and STIEN, make sure the KIDS asleep
Cause you gotta be 17
I'm dropping 16's, like i'm knockin' out TEENS (what)

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