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"H-h-h-h-holy shhh..."

Slow down, grab the wall
Wiggle like you trying to make yo ass fall off

Hella thick I wanna smash 'em all
Now speed up, gas pedal (5x)
Now speed up, gas pedal (3x)

[Verse 1: Sage the Gemini]
You already know me, S-A-G-E
Look, ugh

Black money let them hoes say amen
I'm just trying to make it clear boy Ray-Bans
I'm a great man, woah say a friend
I play a hole every night, DJ Amen
Room full of boppers, tell them give me topper
Beat it, beat it up, 9-1-1, hit the coppers
I'm S-A-G-E you would like to know
Fee-fi-fo-fum large meat in your throat
West-side baby do what you do
And you got tail, what that shit do?
It’s pretty nigga mob, that’s the way that I grew
I be steppin' up in the club they make 'em drop to my shoe
And her dude mad cause I spooned, but I don't give a fork
Silverware a nigga out if he actin' a poor sport

You's a dork grab a girl and get a yank-in'
Got a booty like coupes I'm trying to make-it, woah


[Verse 2: IamSu]
She a trick for a dolla bill
And her boyfriend a bitch call him Tyler Perry
Eugh, I'm in the black bat lookin' scary
On my way to the cake no bake-ery
Oops, bakery, never been no fake in me
Lead her to the bathroom, she askin' where you takin' me
Uh, tell her slow down baby

I'm too turned up it's finna go down baby
When you hit the stage the people do a 180
When I hit the stage man the club owner pay me

Uh, you niggas so fugazi
Uh, got a white bitch with me call that ho Slim Shady, uh
Nigga 'su so crazy
Got two hoes with me make my old bitch hate me, uh
All about my payment
You say we getting money that's an understatement uh


Lil' mama got sex appeal
I make her sing if she wanna get a record deal
What the shit do, it's finna get real
She got a booty so big it's like a ferris wheel


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