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Ay' yo Sean, you Mr. Kingston

[Hook: Sean Kingston]

Dutty Dutty Dutty love
I'm feeling like you letting go
Dutty Dutty Dutty love
I'm feeling like you letting go
Dutty Dutty Dutty love
I'm feeling like you letting go
Dutty Dutty Dutty love

[Verse 1: Sean Kingston]

Don't be scared girl, call on me
Cause me I want you for my eyes I'm a lover, you see
And the way you a wine and the way you a gwan
Said no matter how much I feel rushed, I will not stop
But baby girl will you be mine
Let go, show your skin because you're one of a kind
And I'm alive, girl I must be in love
Cause the way you are grindin' off my car top



What if you would just come right out of these clothes
You can finally feel the wind when it blows
Don't be scared to be free to let go, show it off

Feel like letting go
Oh oh oh oh

I'm here and and you might not like
Cause you need Sean King in your life
King I'm a man and a man can't change
And if I come over there I'll lock up with them lips
Yo I feel like letting go
If you never know, baby now you know
Cause You're one of a kind, and you dress so fine
Like my diamond chain, you shine so bright, oh



[Verse 3: Nicki Minaj]

Ay' yo Sean, You Mr. Kingston
You say You have it, Louie it, and then some
Look how you go on in all your ice
You pretty and you nice

Yuh done know seh Nicki a yuh wife
But you say I be up where you stay
I ain't like them other bitches that be actin' loosely
Know you gettin' hyper, I know u wanna get up in it
But I just want to think about it for another minute

I think I like your style ya'll
Why ya'll
Why don't we let go

Ay yo and I ain't gotta tell 'em
And I ain't gotta sell 'em

It's YSL daddy
I ain't gotta spell it
And yes, I killer kill 'em
I guess I am the villain

I park on the curb, I'm the owner of the building, the building
Ya deaf?
Boy me soon left

Come get this playboy bunny like Hugh Heph

Dutty dutty d-d-d-dutty


Feel like letting go
Oh oh oh oh

Feel like letting go
Oh oh oh oh

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