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[Verse 1]
Don't let the media fool you, these wars are not based on religion
It's our government taking control of the chances they are givin'
When the towers were stricken
We captured innocent Muslims and put them in a Gitmo prison
Under the grounds of terrorism
Shed tears when our towers fell, and the victims died
But our response was, cultural genocide
Wiping out Fallujah, Iran, and Afghanistan
Protesters classified as enemies of the American
If a foreign government invaded, and we defended
We are the patriots
They defended their homeland from invaders, and they are the terrorists
Racism and Prejudice
Is the fuel of a warfare
I said it's the fuel of this warfare

[Hook] x2
I'm just here present you with the truth
Unlike the media do
You know that it's time to stand up for human rights
Throw a fist, Revolution, it's time to fucking fight

[Verse 2]
We are far from the peace keepers, We are shedding innocent blood and more
Invaded Vietnam to show Russia that we can withstand a war
Killing gooks, napalm bombing villages. To overthrow communism
But the price was dead women, men, and little children
Genetics exposed to Agent Orange, the toxic, government herbicide
Next generation many babies born deformed and half alive
Years later we advanced to phosphorus and nano thermite
For fifty years we overthrow governments
We have an opposition with
We are the terrorists
We are the Imperalists
It's time to stand up for human rights
Throw a fist, Revolution, it's time to fucking fight


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