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[Intro: Juicy J]
I'mma hit the club, hit the weed
Hit the Gin then hit the track
Poppin' bottle, buy the bar
Before I came thru I had to hit the bank
Always toss a bitch or 2
You know, thats what trippy niggas do
30 girls in the V.I.P
Got you, pussy niggas spooked
Still hood, now i can buy the hood, my bitch bad, she fuck good
Walk around all through the town
I wish one of you hatin' niggas would
Life of a millionaire, on the way to be a billionaire
All I like is stripper poles and white hoes in their underwear

[Refrain: Sean Paul]
Girl ya bad, girl ya bad, girl ya bad, girl ya need a spankin'
Here comes the bottles tell me what you’re drankin'
From the table to the car, from the car to the crib
Cause tonight I need some entertainment
From the table to the car, from the car to the crib
‘Cause tonight I need some entertainment
Girl ya bad, girl ya bad, girl ya bad, Entertainment
Girl ya bad, girl ya bad, girl ya bad, Entertainment
Girl ya bad, girl ya bad, girl ya bad
From the car to the crib
‘Cause tonight I need some entertainment

[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
Bad man, live band, hair down my back nigga
Everything I do is dope, you would think I was a crack dealer
Big money, fast cars
Hoes all in my lap niggas
So far I done head the game
I might as well just lap niggas

Milk the game, Lactose
She could see my chain from the back row
Came in with my niggas
Left out with some bad hoes
I got a black ho, a white ho
A Spanish ho and a Chinese
Yea they call me 2 Chains and
My first chain’s a Siamese

That’s your favorite part
Whatcha gonna do for it
Hey girl she on the Molly
Think she saw a unicorn (Damn!)
No horsin' around

She might say yes to me and
NO to yall!

[Refrain: Sean Paul]

[Verse 3: Nicki Minaj]
Ima hit the Myx, with the chicks
Take my tips, Ima hit the bitch
Hit the pole, hit the flips
Do it like Miguel, I hit the kicks
When I land, I hit the splits
Puffin on that trippy stick
Bitch I'm queen, Lizabeth
Bitch I'm bad, hissy fit
Ima rip the skirt, hit the twerk
I don't give change nigga, hit the clerk
Drive niggas crazy, hit the skrrt
Ass on bounce, tits berserk
Life of a bad bitch
Nigga make my sammich
Yes I been bustin' bands
All night, and I'm famished

He took the ass, we vanished
Pull up in the Aston, vanquish
I'm pickin' pockets, he finger poppin'
Now all my bitches in Paris

You bitches ain't fucking with me on my worst day
Fuck outta here

[Verse 3: Sean Paul]
Girl roll it around and set it set
Bubble on down and pet it, pet it
Holding out the air, then get it, get it
I'mma take you home and bed it
Hopping out fast, Set it out slow
Now whine it girl, and ready set go
All of dem treads, done shed it out now
Now rum pon da time, for eat it out now
Girl you my treat girl
Come make fi dweet girl
Put it on repeat
And know you are my edi-tweet? girl
Put it on me please girl
That’s what I need girl
Just give me that beat DJ now entertain me girl
Your odd
I'mma see you and your friends misbehavin'
I meh know you have a body is cravin'
Simply me not a mine for de taking
Better be ready

[Refrain: Sean Paul]

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