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Produced By: Khrysis

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[Sean Price]
Aiyyo think about it, wait, erase your rhyme
Forget it... don't waste your time

I raise the nine, never give you bozos love
Omar from The Wire, youse a homo thug
Use your head for more than a hat rack
'fore I choose to use the lead to fuck up your hat rack

Peep the knapsack backpack vibe
Used to ride the Amtrak with a knapsack with crack inside
Back to the rhyme, listen pah, Ruck in the place
Not the deep voiced dude with the cut on his face

I love Allah but I act Christian
Mix a lot then I'm back pitchin like I got the facts fizzin
The whack rendition of rap you spittin
Makes me wanna clap but I can't go back to prison
Black people unite, let's all get down
'Fore I slap people tonight, with the long trey pound
You better...

You better stop boy... {*3X*}
You better stop, fuck around lay around

Aiyyo stop look and listen
We smoke pot cause we cook crack in the kitchen
The weed is green, the paper's brown
The coke is white, youse a bitch and so is your wife
Straight hell is what I give a brother
Smack a cracker callin Dru Ha a nigga lover
You just mad Buck and Dru won't fuck with you
You like "Fuck Duck Down~!" Nah pah, fuck you

I'm not an artist, I'm the President
Gimme the word I'll set fire to your resident
It's evident by the way that I act, way that I move
Sean Price ain't a kid that can act, nothin to prove, BONK
Choose to lose, I choose to win
One hand hit the rib the other bruise the chin
I remember when DJ's would check for a record
Now these niggas want a check for a record

Motherfuckers better...

You better stop, and think about it
Yeah, you better stop boy
This is Duck Down for life, this is Duck Down for life
You better stop, this is Duck Down for life, stupid nigga
This is Duck Down for life, let's go

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