Sevyn Streeter – It Won't Stop Lyrics

Produced By: Diplo & Free School

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[Verse 1: Sevyn]
I love when you pulling up in your jeep
Bumpin all your beats

J's on, with your shades on
Just to bring me something to eat

You the man up in these streets
But when it comes to my heart
That don't mean a thing no

Baby hop up in my ride
Ooh it's hot as hell outside
Got the top down
With the doors closed

Put your hand on my thigh
Drive slow ooh
Take your time

[Bridge: Sevyn Streeter]
Every little thing you do, got me feeling some type of way (way)
When you gimme that thunder you make my summer rain
(Oh-oh-oh oh oh, Oh-oh-oh oh oh)
Everyday, everyday

[Hook: Sevyn Streeter]
And it won't stop
Boom, boom, booooomm
And it won't stop
Boom, boom, boooooomm
With every single part of me
My love for you is constantly
Forever and ever on repeat
On repeat
And it won't stop
Boom, boom, boommmm

[Verse 2: Sevyn Streeter]
I love when we pulling up to the beach, sand down in my feet
Sun down, nobody around, that's one hell of a scene

You rockin my body, rock, rock the boat, Aaliy-ah
Don't it sound famil-ar, cause it sound like (ah, ah, aye, aye)
Lookin' up in spaace, just me and my babe
And it feels so amaazing, oh, oh all night

[Bridge + Hook]

[Verse 3: Sevyn Streeter]
Everyday, Everyday
I can't breathe
You take my breath
Away from me
Heres my heart
You got the key
Put that on eternity

I love you til infinity
Infinity, infinity
Infinity, infinity

My everything, my everything
And when I think about it be making me weak baby
It won't ever stop
My heart won't skip a beat baby
And it'll keep going on, going on, going on


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