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Produced By: Me&John

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Yes. And everybody yes, yes, yes. (Check it.)
I don't like to start verses with I, you know but um...

[Verse 1: I]
Well there's no I in team, but there's an 'i' in win
And every guy wanna win, so folks is eying him

The I in pride: They say pride puts the 'i' in sin
Put self at the center, I and 'i' come in
Cause I am imperfect; none of us is iron men
Please, be my third eye when the light gets dim
Even my story's not mine. Where do I begin?
Not with I, I'm reminded, see the 'i' in him
In my enemy, especially, him and I are twins
I've got to love him as I love I, him and I are kin

Take the thing out of my own eye then see if the word is where the world begin
And at the end of the word friend is where I am and all them become I and I them
So who am I then? Just dust in the wind with a pen and a grin. I'm going in
I'm going in

Like yes
We all in agreement
And if you hear the song and you feel it
Put your palms to the ceiling
Like yes, yes and all my people like yes
It go: yes
We all in agreement
And if you hear the song and you feel it
Put your palms to the ceiling
Like yes, yes and all my people like yes


[Verse 2: Myself]
What can I say for myself. Where I'm at is where I stationed myself
So I'm grateful, I do OK for myself

I wanna do better for y'all, I'm afraid of myself
God said, "You trust me. Now have some faith in yourself"
When I made my first record I would say to myself:
'I'm glad to share this. I don't just want to play for myself.'

The thing with rapping is it helps me get away from myself
Put these awesome feelings out so they don't stay on the shelf

Stay in my soul cause I find the more I stay to myself
The less I find the real me the more I stray from myself

And can't relate to no one else. I don't have to make a way for myself
Just make my thoughts point away from myself
And what else


Everybody like

[verse 3: We]
And we are greater than the sum of us
All greater than some of us greater than each piece apart

We are a body an army greater than any single art piece and love in our hearts
And we are who we are behind doors in secret
In the deep depths of recesses we aren't free yet

We are how we treat our sick folk and widows
Rich with broken hearts broken and crippled the soul is weak

We are not what we eat, but what comes out of our mouths when we speak
Most of y'all don't speak truth. Can't play me playboy I'm no kid I don't play Wii
We are parents: cherished, proud, and embarrassed

We've come a long way, but we're still not there yet
And we don't always get along, me, myself, and I, when we do
We in tune like the song


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