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Confidently rocking it, they asking me to stop this shit
Hands tight when I grip the mic, boy I'm never dropping' it
Newly named a veteran, its clear that I am better than
All these black rappers, they can handle my vanilla skin
Cocky flow, nothing more or nothing less
Move strategic like its chess,eat it up, nothing left
I'm a real cracker, got organic in the pantry
Baggy ass knickerbockers, call it Marcus Camby
Everybody say that this shit go, from the 5-1-4 to the 4-5-0
She give that dome, right on time, that a-rod, she polish mine
But I don't mind she so damn fine, call her rR.Kelly, she bump n grind
They trembling', future so bright on that spotlight shine
Shaking in their boots, cause my future's looking scary
Placing bets on me? that's pricey call it Carey
Thoroughbred flow, yeah I'm on that sea-biscuit
Keep those eyes wide, you blink twice and you gon' miss it

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