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[Intro/Hook: repeat 2X]
I come through in somethin real foolish
And they like, boy you a fool with it
And he like, boy you a fool with it
And she like, boy you a fool with it

[Verse 1]
I come through in some real Coupe-ish
Transparent; see right through it
And oh yeah! And this that new shit
L-O, and bitch I do this

Shawty Lo, I'm ten toes down
Up the sideline tryin to stay in bounds
I just sold a hundred and it just touched down
Call them aliens, time to re-up now
Yeah! And yeah, love my D-boy style
Man all the dope boys got the girls goin wild

Yeahhhh~! I'm like nah nah nahhh
I'm laughin at you niggas like ha ha hahhh! Let's go


[Verse 2]
They know, I'm Lo, I'm C, E-O
I'm back, for mo', you ready, let's go
Yeah! Yeahhh, come fly with me
I hear 'em whisperin on how fly he be
Seventy thousand dollars on the clean white tee
Look at Shawty Lo, he so icey
Is he worth a mill'? Well bitch I might be~!
I hear them fantasizin 'bout they want to be me
Yeahhhh, I done said it befo'
I'm a real D-boy you can't be me folk
Yeahhhh~! I'm like nah nah nahhh
I'm laughin at you niggas like ha ha hahhh! Let's go


[Verse 3]
I'm gettin money, dubs fifties hundreds
Say he want WHAT?! Naw, he don't really want it
He don't want that drama, listen boy I promise
I stay with them goons and you don't want no problems
The bass still jumpin, yeah we doin numbers
Early in the mornin in the kitchen like my momma
Niggas on these corners, with them thangs on 'em
Twelve ride by, boy it's hotter than Daytona
Who want ta, niggas come and test me
I be in that Bankhead, you can never miss me
Naw nigga! That rappin don't impress me
D4L Records, Shawty Lo you niggas history

[Hook] - to fade

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