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[Hook: Trey Songz]
Anything I want I can buy it
That's why I always keep bad women beside me

I got something that they need
I got something that they want
I got something that they need
Call me the supplier

All day long the feens calling my phone (ring-ding-dong)
Cause they know I always got that fire

I got something that they need
I got something that they want
I got something that they need
Call me the supplier

[Verse 1: Shawty Lo]
Yeah, I'm a supplier
Call me Marlow cause I'm off the wire

Yeah, I'm on fire
Say that he's the king, well he's a god damn liar
Tell me what he do, tell me where he be
Got what you want, I got units in the streets
I ain't talking cds
Shoulda been a locksmith the way I handle them keys
I ain't talking bout Alicia, but I play with them keys
You know I ain't Sonny Bono but I play with them skis
And if you want to buy some it'll cost you some cheese


[Verse 2: Shawty Lo]
Extra, extra, hear all about it
Made huge stacks of money, counting 500,000 (half a mill)
Ain't lying, I'm way too real
I got diamonds round my neck like a baseball field
I married Snow White cause she making me cream
And this is not a fairy tale, I made a D-boy dream
I'm the hottest right now, I'm fitting to blow a cold wind
There's a blizzard in my city, yeah the A's snowed in


[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
Ahem, like hey lil mama
He can spend money but we can spend a day little mama
Cause I'm a rider, but I can be that much more like a supplier
Shawty I can carry you like Mariah
Me little homie, I'm just sparing you like a tire
I'm trying to tell her
He can buy you the bar, Ill buy you a wine cellar
He could leave you tomorrow, and I could fuck you forever
Now what you think about that
You could fuck around and get a ring about that
Just think about that
So pretty, all I do is think about that
And that'd be you
Oh, but we can turn back to me and you
Park my Lambo in your heart
And when it comes to supplies, call me Mr. Wal-Mart

[Hook: Trey Songz]

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