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[Verse 1]
Now if you see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hands
So I listen in high-definition
As long as I'm living, never ask permission
Talk with God, he speaks through a vision
I'm so blessed from the gift I was given
I reply with the song that was written
The conversation is rare
So deep on a level that most can't hear
Gotta be in tune with you
Branded on my mind, I can never lose the view
I don't see grapes, I see wine
My imagination is the same as the blind every time
Now rewind, my DNA explodes like a mine
This confidence is hard to find
Pass the test of time and we can't be defined

My imagination
My imagination

[Verse 2]
You gotta see it 'fore you do it
So when it come together you can say that you knew it
So fuck what you say nigga, prove it
Show improve my career old as you
Imagination see a crown
My queen in a gown, we the toast of the town
Spirit fly around, collect information
My environment provides inspiration
Protect my soul, extra insulation
Fuck the haters with extra penetration
Your visual is minuscule
Your career versus mine is an interlude
Cyclops get the mic hot
A penny for your thoughts like a night shock
You see it, go get it, it's yours for real
Dreams are made to be fulfilled


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