Sir Michael Rocks – Pajama Pants Lyrics

Produced By: Cardo

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Aye girl let me see you do your mama dance
You wanna stay, you can use my pajama pants
Uh huh, make her jiggle in pajama pants
Yeah, I think she get it from her mama
Fresh fresh y'all, those freaky girls
Freak freak y'all, all around the world
Fresh fresh y'all, all those freaky girls
Freak freak y'all, all around the world

[Verse 1]
And it's a shame, in this love game, as quick as they came
They can claim to not remember your name

She explain while she was sippin' champagne
When you shoot game you gotta take aim
I'm looking straight ahead like a ball player
Walking to the locker room mad at the half time
I'm trying to just relax in Miami
Driving on the opa-locka going faster and that's fine (feel me?)
Your pink cookies keep getting crushed by a building
When we connect I give you the same feeling
Shouldn't be trying to burn bridges we should build up
My flight don't leave until ten so until then
Turn around, throw it like you on the mound
Throw it like a soccer ball when it's gotta go in bounds wit'cha
Look at how them pajama pants fit ya


[Bridge 3x]
Lay it down, lay it down, you hoes lay it down
Lay it down, lay it down, you hoes lay it down
Lay it down, lay it down, you know I lay it down

[Verse 2]
We should probably delete this
Pictures of you getting freaky

Before somebody fuck around and gon' leak these
But you probably wouldn't care, probably want 'em to see you
You got the TV up loud trying to drown out your screaming
Your roomates be tripping cause they mad they ain't getting a low key
Hit it two miles per hour at a low speed
You should have your own motherfucking theme song, uh huh
Soon as you take them motherfucking jeans off, okay
And that shit should play on replay

Look at your booty in them PJ's
We had a couple drinks, trying to stay the night, but you ain't feel right
Trying to sleep in that nice dress, I feel you, that's when I suggest
Grab them pajama pants off the dresser, yeah


[Bridge 6X]

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