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[Verse 1]
Point your finger here, point your finger there
Might as well point your finger every fucking where
You're the one that wanted it "Well you're the one that needed it!"
Well you're the one that asked, don't ask me to repeat it
"Who isn't conceited that is a human being?"
Well that isn't what you mean cause you're mean with the treatment
Lean in agreement, a team disobedient
To L-O-V-E as a deviant
From the real meaning "What really do you mean?"
You need to read in between since you say you really know me
As we growing goldie oldies and we going home slowly
Is it really in the tolding of our story we'll still be one and onlies?
If only knowing's half the battle
Having to battle to have to ask you
How everlasting can it last you
Before it avalanches you, tumbles after you, and traps you?
("Well...") Would you care to share with your partner in crime
Or wait a millennium for me to ask you?


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