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Produced By: Benny Liang

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[Intro: Miike Snow / Conversation with G]

Slim: "Free my n*gga G"

Reached the city steps tonight
Following the power-lines
Met a man bar-side
With eclipses for eyes

[Verse 1: Slim]

She opens he mouth with the passion to please
My niggas say pass her to me
I'm drunk and I'm high don't pass me the keys
Went half on the weed and half on lean
Half black half white, but I'm not no pig though
Get money, my niggas say ditto
I been smoking indo, since I was a kiddo
Niggas got pounds, tell me what they hit fo
Run up in yo hood with the clips up nigga
Turn a broad day outside to a strip club nigga
Hit you so many time with a big truck nigga
Cops come and they can't pick up niggas
Lay low me and juan pedro
Chasing these pesos bangers we make those
Got hits nigga don't tell it to me
Fuck the whole world Thelma, Louise
Pray to god that I make it home
Aiming my gun with the safety off
Throw me in a box can't make me talk
I probably die before I let a bitch break my heart
I ain't asking shit. Walk up in the party and I'm blasting shit
I want everything fuck half the shit
Shine on, I'm a diamond sitting by rhinestones
My nigga g told me that, can't na'an nigga out here hold me back
He say my shits getting better and better man
So high but a nigga can't levitate
Now im in the position to provide my close friends with better days
G took the wrap for a nigga
So im out rapping niggas
To come back for my nigga

[Hook: Miike Snow]

Reached the city steps tonight
Following the power-lines
Met a man bar-side
With eclipses for eyes

[Verse 2: Slim]

This is bigger than rap nigga, this is powerful art
Talk a nigga straight out of his art
I can't tell these cowards apart
He can't tell those hours apart
23 in a cell 1 on the yard
I pray for the nigga every now and than
Don't let them niggas in the box tell you how to live
I'd never take advice from those niggas
Heaven and Hell, don't mesh with them well
I'm fucking Lekel. He's stuck in a cell
Spending money on drugs so high that a nigga can't feel his face
It's a god damn shame
I could spend the same money to appeal his case
Ground up, that's real estate
I remember when my plate was empty
But when you hungry bro you can't be picky
I see little people I dream big
I'm only MVP if my teams wins
I see dumb niggas, Cleveland
If she can climb through the window she can sneak in
Love is sacrifice, Thanks to that nigga I didn't lose half of my life
He's locked up and I'm stressed out
These lonely nights in my bedroom
It's all good, in reality we'll all be dead soon
I sip up my nigga hitting sit-ups
Im rolling kush up my nigga doing push ups

I answer whenever he call me
If I eat, we all eat Slim

[Hook: Miike Snow]

Reach the city steps tonight
Following the power-lines
Met a man bar-side
With eclipses for eyes

[Outro: Phone conversation with G]

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