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[2Pac speaks]

[Verse 1: Slim Dunkin]
Menace II Society no O-Dog
Standing across the street, shoot his nose off
Cutting toes off, take a load off
Pull him out the whip snatch his Fo's off
Kick his momma door bust him when he goes off
Butt naked truth, snatch his clothes off
Nigga I'm a menace, who the fuck is Dennis
Popeye the Dunkin man don't need no fucking spinach
Them niggas on my dick their my fucking haters
That's why I'm dressed in all black like a fucking Raider
The killers on the news their my fucking neighbors

[2Pac speaks]

[Verse 2: Slim Dunkin]
I'd rather be cared by 6 than judged by 12
Niggas mad than mufucker Dunk got bail
Tom Brady with the pump catch a shotgun shell
Man Down in a coupe think my top done fell
Oh shit, fucking pigs on my back like a vertebrae
Treat a fucking fight like a damn murder case
Paranoid bout what the verdict say
Arnold Swarzen-nigga all I know is terminate
Exterminate, hit em with the .38
Boost the murder rate, never stopped like we ain't heard a brake
When it comes to a menace I'm a nemesis
Pac started it, I'mma finish it Dunk

[2Pac speaks]

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