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You are mine, mine
One... I can't resist you!
And you're looking scared
So damn fine
I ...make faces like I do!
She said she got a man, put the money in her hands
She's only here to
I want you to do that shit
Do that shit, do that!
Go ahead and get it crazy!
Do that shit, do that!
Go ahead and get it crazy!
.. Sexy on me
Go ahead and get it crazy
Do that shit, do that
Go ahead and get it crazy
Do that shit, do that
Go ahead and get it crazy!

[Verse 1: Slim The Mobster]
..and take your pennies off
Anything that look better than you is the view from the loft
I get lost when I look at you... to walk around
..turn around, so I can get a good look at you
So photogenic, no photo shopping your images
Stay on top of her...
Since she only fuck with fly niggers, you know the G five ...
Take a... for this weed, pass me that liquor
I don't know if this love agrees, but I fuck with her
Yeah, she keep me on club nine
Kiss is so intoxicating, keep me fading all of the time mind, yeah I might be
I think she been around too long, cause now she act like me!
I get a kick at the... she copy my swag
..she got it big!


[Verse 2: Slim The Mobster]
Yeah, I can't help but smile every time that I see you
So many of your jealous girlfriends wanna be you
I see them with them...
And do your best when you ain't even got your best on!
Yeah, I know, you like it kinda hot cool
I run it for you, and I know all your sparks
Like when the fears come...
..she only pop Rose
She know ... and the Chardonnay
...the weed, and get you high off content
Cush.. Louis Vuitton clutches
..and I ain't even gotta touch it
Put the top back, let the sun here
Making that... out of the one...
Fly bitch, new web ...
I get a kick at how she copied my swag
..she got it big!


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