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This young g girl he too cool
This young g come to cut the fool
This young come to take 'em to school
This young g they call him slim(comin' through)

Snap like gator jaws on kangaroos
So listen up and pay yo' dues
Who's that Slimm I come to change the rules
A-town new big lick comin' through
Wit' a slick click and da Calhouns
I drop hits that'll make you move
I got these Dre trek flows for the pesos and if
This rappin' don't work it's back to the trees and the yaeyo
Break out the scale beams and digitals street twerk(ya know)
We live dreams so get on down


Young gun two on the waist
When i hang 'em don't speak to strangers
And i'm quik to bang 'em
Southside lone ranger, now who's in danger
Don't like to rub or hunch, girl, I never save 'em
Stay fresh to sport the purple label
Calhoun jeans for all the work in my stable
Blowin' of dro and bottle crop
Buck wit' the slalom shot
And slide to the crib wit' shawty wit' her bottoms hot


Just a nighthawk
Flippin' wit' the lights off ridin' in a nice hog
Trickin' ain't the right cause no if, ands, or mights dog
I keep mine clutched close to my nuts
I got the guts to do it
Been through it
Trigger play ain't nothin' new
Slimm known to cut a fool if ya actin' rude
Respect my folks or see my 4
Wouldn't wanna be my foe
Toe to toe
It's you on the flo'


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