Slum Village – Pregnant: Baatin Lyrics

Produced By: J Dilla

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My auntie, she invited me to a potluck
She wanted me to meet a young buck
But it gotta be, defined, if I'm all 'round some swine
Smellin that shit
, watchin weak niggas jit
Now they lookin at me, sayin who is this nigga
If I went and bust my jit they'd be all in my face

Talkin 'bout niggas with dreadlocks, stick to hip-hop
But I've been where you at, bustin' a fade and the team hat

Selling my smack, nigga you don't know Titus
I've been {?}, with a big ass back
I know you worried about me, I'm with that crew S.V
My name is Baatin, ras who I see
You wanna get buck buck, niggas like you get fold up
I know I'm older when I'm lookin over your shoulder
You ho, I'm the one that sold you the kilogram boulder
Hold up, hold up~!
I think I'm now ready, just to rock cold steady
Wit'cha girl from on the block, cause she all on the jock
And if your girl is on my jock, she gonna get her yoni knocked up
Hold up, hold up

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