Smif-n-Wessun – Wrektime Lyrics

Produced By: Mr. Walt

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[Where Brooklyn at?] repeated

You're too light to fight, plus you're too thin to

WinAnd who ya gonna call when I break your glass chin?
Mista Rippa, slicker than your sista
Turn down the lights, she got hit by the Vicksta
Keep a lid on your lip so your wig won't get split
Better have your joint cocked, my hand's comin' off my hip
This little nigga pumped the lead, that ass fled
Three of your boys wounded, three of your men dead

Time to hop to Iron (hillyyyy), back to my (spillyyyyyyy)
Flat Foot comin' deep like (hillbillyyyyy)
Can't hear the sirens, gotta block 'em out my mind
I gotta get away so I can do more crime

See my brethrens down the block, risin' up out their spot
Puffin' meth in the hood where the spot is hot

My Timbs ease tension by stompin' next when I'm vexed
Throw up your dick-beaters, kid, it's time to flex

Chorus One: 4x
[I am what I am] / And I do what I do
[Puff mad lye] / Catch wreck with my crew

[Sent to represent the real heads
The dreads on the scene, now all the bumbaclot talk must dead

I walk the fence of stress and tension
Hit the Benz then hit the spliff with my friends
And catch mad wreck with my man Tek] I am what I am
That's why my fans show respect when I slam sets
I don't front for you, your crew, even a stunt
Roll up the blunts, cuz real niggas do what they want
Big up to all original criminaaaals, the ill politicaaaal
And all Boot Camp Generaaaals
I be gettin' charged with my squad on the project [step
And you'll regret when my mob flex
Glam to the man that sham when I hit 'em with tricks or 4-5-6 when I'm gamblin
Collect your trap then add it to my fat stacks
Chill, I'll be back, right now I'm out to smoke the next sack.]

Chorus Two: 2x
Puff mad lye / [Catch wreck with my crew]
Puff mad lye / [Catch wreck with my crew]
Puff mad lye / [Catch wreck with my crew]

I am what I am / [And I do what I do]

Tek: It's goin' down. [Steele: The

DealHas been set and it's ready]
Strap up the arms cuz it's time to be jetty
[Ya niggas violated when you crossed that thin line.]
Tresspassed in Bucktown and now you're all mine
[Here batty booooyyyy] One move and you're dead
[Got my Glocks cocked and they're pointed at your head]
Your operation's DEAD AND STINKIN'
Got my hoodie on and my Timb boots, troop
[Kick your whole bottom row of fronts out, Duke]
Ya best protect your frame before you tow out it, G
[I'm halfway sane, that's what the Lord tells me]
But I chose to disregard fuzz [smoke buzz]
And lamp in the Camp with the rest of the THUGS, CUZ
[I am, what I am, and I do what I do]
Puff mad lye, catch wreck with my crew

Chorus One: 4x
Chorus Two: 2x

Smif-N-Wessun and we out like that...
(okay, we ready to rock...)

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