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Kushed God, bitch
Pimp hand strong
Suplexin' hoes, like Brad Armstrong

Suck a nigga dick chopped and screwed though

[Hook: Ab-Soul]
Bad bitch, whistle while you twerk on that dick
That's it,make it nasty all that shit
Classy, in the street but freaky in the bedroom
Bad ho, whistle while you twerk and don't miss a note

[Verse 1: Smoke DZA]
She walk in and got the lil niggas widlin'
Ass like, she employed by King of Diamonds
Last night she got off, the paper pilin'
Hoes mad tight, but she twerk and keep stylin'
Lickin' her lips just like she give the mean marvelous
Ass clappin' on that green carpet, get it girl
Slow grindin', got a nigga brick she tryna give
A private dance and get a extra tip, shit

She put that box right up for sale, I got a couple 1s
But I'm from the school of Akinyle,
She let my man pipe
With some passes for Rock The Bells, these hoes is wicked
I wonder what she do for some Jigga tickets

Bad bitch but her mentality is classless
Average ho in the spot, tryna stack chips
She like, if Jesus turned water into wine
Then I could turn this pussy into diamonds

I heard you I heard you shorty I dig ya plans
I overstand
you start talkin' 'bout bands
A nigga be lookin' in the air like

[Hook: Ab-Soul]

[Bridge: Ab-Soul]
Fuckin' suck a nigga dick, while hittin' the splits
And rollin' the spliff at the same damn time, bitch
Is you out of yo mind, bitch?!

[Verse 2: Ab-Soul]
Nasty, make it nasty Soulo, ho
Lookin' for the hole behind yo panties, that's fasho
Hit that pole, let this be yo anthem dip it low
Heard it's dippin' dots between yo thighs, DZA got a scoop befo'
I'm tryna see what that be like
, Damn right
Ab got a appetite damn right
I gotta eat, I gotta eat

You heard of foreplay, let's try gunplay, pull my strap and you're deceased
Soulo, A beast under the sheets
Like a Top Dawg under cover fuck undercover police

It's the Kushed God and the God MC
Pay yo tithes or you could do it for free
Please make that ass clap
I got bands, I got racks, got them fifties, got them hundreds

I don't drive but that Audi outside got room for us
Turn this up, I'm turnt up, can't you tell?, don't tell no lie

[Hook: Ab-Soul]

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