Smoke DZA – K!NG Lyrics

Produced By: Ski Beatz

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[Verse 1: Smoke DZA]
I woke 'em up they were asleep, huh
Same old shit, 'nother tour, different city, new key card
Swagging like a d-boy, killers with me
Either use your brains or they gon' splatter your street smarts

Life like a seesaw; ups and downs
Trying to balance the smiles and frowns
Frenemies in the sack 'til the pals is down
'Til the niggas that wave 'round 'til they eventually drown
Me winning must suck for you niggas
Though I want you to get paid, much luck to you niggas

Gossip why I lost trust for you niggas
Always be family but still I ain't fucking with niggas
You chose to hustle I ain't make you, punk
What you drink don't make me drunk, nigga

Before you slander look yourself in the mirror
Be a man first

[Hook: Big KRIT] x2
(See it)
I don't know what you thought this was
Playa hold your love

Watch the way you speak, I serve the plate you grub
King of all I seek, dethrone you just because
I made you, stop acting like my flow ain't raise you

[Verse 2: Smoke DZA]
I be on love, niggas show hate
Like I ain't well connected, but it's okay

Really, I keep the conversations minimal
Niggas play dead just to see who gon' pop up at they funeral
Even a molly in your stomach talking
You know broke nigga program, they know you, you owe them
Funds ain't flowing, true colors start showing
And now you just speaking out of motion
And that's when the disconnect rolling

And the quarterbacks roll out, go long get open
The homies ain't choking
Got a whole clique that's toting

Play me and need a lifetime supply of Motrin
Push the button demolish it
Got no time for hood politics

Annoy you other cats throwing shots at DZA
You only get half a bar
"Fuck you niggas"

[Hook: Big KRIT] x2


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